Marriage Series
Ocean Series
  1. Marriage, Honeymoon
    Honeymoon Years
    This painting represents our time prior to kids. We traveled, dreamed big, worked hard. Do you see the fish?
  2. Marriage, Kids
    Kid Years
    This painting characterizes the early years of our kid's lives. Our house was always busy, fun, and a bit messy.
  3. Dystonia, Marriage
    This painting shows my struggle with a rare neurological movement disorder called Dystonia. There is no cure. Every day, I have to remember to be patient, adapt to the situation and above all accept my circumstances. I'd rather strive and smile than struggle and frown.
  4. Marriage
    It's Complicated
    This painting contains anniversary rose petals at it's center. As I look back on 20+ years of marriage, I can see the complex dance we do with one another. Sometime love is carefree and sometimes it's complicated.
  5. Marriage, Hearts
    Heart Strings
    The hearts in this painting contain rose petals from our anniversary. Our hearts may go in many directions and love many different things. Still they are tied together through every day of our lives.
  6. Marriage, scrambled
    Some days are just so hectic. If I have too much on my mind, I can't sleep until I unload some stress. Do you have days like this?
  1. Coral Reef, Ocean, Endangered
    Coral Reef III
    Every time I look at this painting, I want to go snorkeling. I love the ocean so much! I want to hang out on the beach…
  2. Time To Beach
    Time To Beach
    This painting makes me want to take a dip in the ocean. I love watching the water as it retreats from the shore.
  3. Ocean
    Intercoastal Waterway
    This painting was inspired by a trip to the coast of North Carolina. I love the sea, the salty air, interesting animals, fish and turtles. I love to look at the jellyfish, but not getting stung by them.
  4. Coral Reef, Ocean, Endangered
    Coral Reef I
    I have a passion for the environment. I wish I could save the coral reefs.
  5. Coral Reef, Ocean, Endangered
    Coral Reef II
    Coral reefs are on the endangered list worldwide. With the ocean temperatures rising and horrific storms, it's hard for the reefs to recover.
  6. Ocean Wave
    The Big Wave
    Who doesn't want to see a cool magenta wave?
  7. Ocean, Whales
    Under The Sea
    After watching some nature documentaries, I was inspired to think about all of the life underwater.
  8. Ocean, Seaweed
    When I think of seaweed, I think of the big kelp forests on the west coast. Beautiful plants floating in the ocean. They give a wide range of marine animals a home. I would like to watch sea lions, seals and sea otters catch fish and swim among the seaweed.
  9. Ocean, Octopus
    I love to see octopus’s move around. I’ve seen how smart they are. I recycled packing mailers to make this octopus.
 Endangered Paradise Series
What would you save?
  1. Great Barrier Reef, Ocean, Endangered, climate change
    Great Barrier Reef
    I want to save this part of the world. I love coral reefs and all the life in them. Unfortunately, as the ocean temperature rises, they are dying. I've tried to recreate what the great barrier reef looks like from high above.
  2. Jellyfish, Jellies, climate change
    Because of elevated ocean temperatures, jellies are growing more rapidly. They have been linked in killing out whole enormous schools of salmon. Still, I love to watch them swim around.
  3. Sand Dunes, Drought, Desert, climate change
    Sand Dunes
    With less water in the areas surrounding desert regions, vegetation isn't able to survive. Without the vegetation keeping soil in place, the sand dunes are getting larger. From above, you can see miles and miles of untouched sand.
  4. Glacier, endangered, climate change
    Major Meltdown
    I keep seeing glaciers melt away, removing habitat for many species. Sad to watch. So, I recycle all I can.
  5. Glacier, Ice sheets, endangered, climate change
    Flow With It
    Watching ice sheets breaking into smaller chunks was my inspiration. I wish we could stop global warming. I hate to see all the ice melting. There are so many animals’ dependent on the ice.
  6. Glacier, endangered, climate change
    I want to see the glaciers before they disappear. I find them beautiful. I would love to see their ice caves. I used a gel medium with plastic pieces to make the snowy rocks around the glacier.
  7. Sea ice, Pack ice, endangered, climate change
    Having A Meltdown (Diptych)
    I want to see the glaciers before they disappear. I find them beautiful.
  8. Sea ice, Pack ice, endangered, climate change
    Polar Plunge (Triptych)
    This painting is representational of the polar ice receding. I’m continually saddened by knowing many species are in danger because of global warming. I like to think I am an environmental artist.
  9. Australia, climate change, rainy season
    Rainy Season
    What was dry and cracked earth, completely changes when the rainy season comes. Suddenly plants grow, animals come back to the area. But with rising temperatures on earth, how long will these rainy seasons last?
  10. Coral Reef III
    Coral Reef III
    Every time I look at this painting, I want to go snorkeling. I love the ocean so much! I want to hang out on the beach…
  11. Coral Reef I
    Coral Reef I
    I have a passion for the environment. I wish I could save the coral reefs.
  12. Coral Reef II
    Coral Reef II
    Coral reefs are on the endangered list worldwide. With the ocean temperatures rising and horrific storms, it's hard for the reefs to recover.
Under The Microscope Series

  1. Microscope, microscopic, seed
    Monkey Tree Seed
    Fascinating what is inside of a little seed. What an intricate design. I love seeing how things are created.
  2. Microscope, microscopic, neuron
    One Excited Neuron
    I'm a science geek. I have had several MRI's of my brain. It is interesting to see slice by slice how our brain is made. I since have looked up what neurons look like. This is my interpretation of the neurons inside me.
  3. Microscope, microscopic, fingerprint
    Under the microscope is this what your fingerprint looks like? No wonder no two fingerprints are the same. So many ridges and valleys.
  4. Microscope, microscopic, cells
    Loch Ness Cells
    An intricate weaving of cells. I love the microscopic world!
  5. Schizophrenia
    I wanted this painting to spotlight the need for better mental health awareness and treatment. There is still a stigma about getting help for mental health issues. I imagine this to be what a schizophrenia cell looks like under the microscope.
  6. Microscope, microscopic, strawberry
    Strawberry Slide
    I saw a microscopic picture of a strawberry and loved the pattern. I made mine with lots of texture.
  7. Microscope, microscopic, seed
    Thale Cress Seed
    I saw a picture of this in National Geographic magazine and I instantly knew I wanted to paint this.
  8. Microscope, microscopic, Olfactory Bulb
    Olfactory Bulb
    Say what is that smell? One wouldn't know if it weren't for this vital instrument. I've always wondered what it would look like under a microscope
Music Inspired
  1. music, feelings, city, heat
    Grime Of The City
    Feeling tired of the city, the heat, the cars and crazy people. Sometimes, I just need to get out to the country, back to my roots. Reminds me of Johnny Cash singing Man In Black-I'm not going to change my color until something changes around here.
  2. Coltrane, music, feelings
    Coltrane Playing On The Stereo
    Part of the "Music Inspired Series". I listen to a lot of John Coltrane music for inspiration. The way he could make his saxophone sing, magical. The jazz and blues music are comforting to me and reach into my soul.
Tree Series
  1. trees, night
    I love to go outside at night, no matter the time of year. I love the trees and their shadows. They fascinate me! What stories could these silent giants tell me? What have they seen pass by them?
  2. trees, night
    Silent Night
    I love trees. On a cold winter’s night. I enjoy looking out at these silent gentle souls.
  3. trees, night
    Goodnight Trees
    Seeing the milky way with trees in the foreground is stunning. The trees seem to point up to the glory of God.
  4. trees, night
    Stand By Me
    Sometimes I feel really alone. It’s usually at night, body hurting with no one else awake. When I look out at the trees, I know I’m not alone and that I have lots of people standing by me.
  5. trees, night, landscape
    Somewhere In The Night
    A look at the lake nearby with a night sky. So many interesting things for your imagination to see.
  1. Flower, Flowers, abstract
    Flower Power
    Flowers have the power to transform our bad days into good days. If you receive flowers it is hard to not smile. The clouds are made from recycled mailing envelopes
  2. Flower, Flowers, abstract
    Rad Flower
    Wow is there a painting that should be looked at with a black light? My friends tease me that my flower can glow in the dark. I think it's fun!
  3. Flower, Flowers, abstract
    My Life As A Flower
    In a private collection. That said, I was doing a new study using an air compressor.
  4. abstract
    Bits and Pieces
    I am trying to recycle more and more. I used several bits and pieces I found around my studio to create this painting.
  5. water, ripples, abstract
    Ebb and Flow
    This represents ripples in water and in life. I see lots of water ripples when I'm kayaking. In life we have to go with the flow. Seeing ripples leaves me with a peaceful feeling.
  6. bubbles, abstract
    This painting reminds me of blowing bubbles on summer days. My kids could blow them for hours. The bubbles all had an iridescent glow, shimmering in the sunlight. Each one a different size. Fun!
  7. joy, abstract
    I felt joy in making this painting. It has colorful swirls and colored glass pieces.
  8. Canada, landscape, abstract
    Oh Canada!
    Our family goes fishing in Ontario for a week every year. It is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. We absolutely love it! The moonlight seems to make everything sparkle. Daytime shows us rich textures. I had fun doing this landscape painting.
  9. Iceland, abstract
    Sometimes my dreams show up on canvas. I was looking at satellite images of Iceland, saw the beautiful flowing rivers. Iceland has a lot of volcanic activity as well. A lovely dream.
  10. Africa, abstract
    Flyover I
    If I were a bird, I would fly over Africa. I would love to see the Nile river and all the animals. The great savanna plains and dense jungle. What a beautiful area of the world.
  11. Patagonia, abstract
    Flyover II
    If I were a bird, I would fly over Patagonia. Argentine Patagonia has step like plains. In the plains are ponds and lakes. In the Chilean territory, animal life becomes more abundant and vegetation more luxuriant. The Wes Andes have ice fields and glaciers.
  12. space, atmosphere, sunset, abstract
    Into The Atmosphere
    If I were an astronaut, I could see the sunrise and sunset across the earth. So many colors mixed together, so soothing.
  13. Jupiter, abstract
    Jupiter Rising
    Have you ever seen NASA’s pictures of this beautiful planet? What an interesting place this would be to visit. I would love to travel the stars!
  14. marbles, abstract
    Lost My Marbles
    I was studying what would happen to the paint while using a medicine bottle. It made these interesting marbles. After looking at this painting for a while, I felt like I was losing my marbles.
Miscellaneous Paintings
Heartache and Healing Paintings
  1. Abstract, abuse, windows
    Bars On The Window
    This painting helped me heal from the abuses I suffered as a child. I grieved and accepted that as a child I had no control and felt trapped. Today, I can talk about the abuse and see it in the past.
  2. Angel, abstract
    Angel Of Mercy
    I asked God for help during a dark period of my life. I dreamed of angel and I heard paint the angel. Something decent and good will rise up out of your despair. Faith guided my hand and the paint.
  3. chronic pain, abstract
    Chronic Pain
    This painting was done when I still had no diagnosis. I was in terrible pain and trapped within the grief cycle. It helped me to find acceptance that my life would never be the same.
  4. Easter, abstract
    He's Risen
    Made for Easter. The iconic three crosses, now empty for Jesus the Savior has risen!
  5. Abstract, abuse, communications
    Failure To Communicate
    This painting speaks to the failure to communicate in my family growing up. So many secrets chained up. Today the goodness has seeped out of the bad and is growing into something new and beautiful.