The Artist
My name is Sheri Grube
I grew up on a farm and always appreciated the beauty around me. The vivid colors of the sky and landscape are awe inspiring.

I use art to transfer myself to another universe. I find a beautiful place and travel through my paintings.

My paintings convey my excitement and feelings about the places I travel.  I research places and things I find intriguing. I then use paint, gels, fabric, and flowers to make my paintings unique.

Art takes my mind off of chronic pain. I have Dystonia in my jaws, neck and shoulder. Dystonia is a chronic, often painful, neurological disorder characterized by extreme muscle spasms that cause involuntary movements and postures in the body and limbs. 

Art is a form of therapy for me. If I am tremoring, I pick up a paintbrush and the tremor stops. Pretty interesting what your brain can do!